This is my crazy journey to get back in shape and lose the last 11lbs. After being a gestational surrogate & enduring 88 days of bed rest (55 days spent on hospital bed rest at Johns Hopkins), I delivered S & B's healthy "twinkies" on August 6th 2011. Now, it's time to get down to business. Follow me, gripe/moan/whine on my exercise & diet routine to get back down to 125lbs (pre-pregnancy weight). It's definitely going to be a wild ride on the scale! Let's just hope my husband and 3 year old son can handle it!! HAHA!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The ball is rolling...

First things first, the scale read...133lbs!  That now takes my BMI to 24.3 -- a couple more notches :) 

Ray and I ran the lake this morning.  Once again, he tried to up my pace.  I was really debating on walking the last half because I was just tired.  From somewhere, I grabbed some "energy" and ran the whole thing.  Ray told me I ran the 2.6 miles in 33 minutes with some disappointment in his voice.  I told him straight out "You're lucky I ran the entire lake because I wanted to walk! So I'll take those 33 minutes gladly!" 

When we were running, this great idea popped into my head.  What if other people could take the shirt challenge as well?  I thought I would test that question out on some unsuspecting people -- the baristas at the Target starbucks.  I briefly explained my blog and the shirt challenge to both of them and asked if they would do it.  One was unsure and the other said yes!  Both did agree that this was a great idea and to let them know when it starts.  A couple of my friends said they would take the challenge as well.  Right now, I'm in the process of getting the shirts started and starting a website (just bought it an hour ago)...big things from just your average stay at home mom!  Also, I'm hoping to get my gym involved as well.  I'm ready for the rollercoaster ride to start!

Ran 2.6 miles
Pedometer - 9338 steps

1. cup of coffee w/splenda and fat free half & half
2. 1/2 bottle of low cal gatorade
3. grande extra shot skim eggnog latte w/splenda
4. leftovers - 1 porkchop w/lite alfredo sauce, green beans & red pepper
5. cup of hot cocoa (made w/water) & handful of mini marshmallows

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney, her pooch & saddlebags

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