This is my crazy journey to get back in shape and lose the last 11lbs. After being a gestational surrogate & enduring 88 days of bed rest (55 days spent on hospital bed rest at Johns Hopkins), I delivered S & B's healthy "twinkies" on August 6th 2011. Now, it's time to get down to business. Follow me, gripe/moan/whine on my exercise & diet routine to get back down to 125lbs (pre-pregnancy weight). It's definitely going to be a wild ride on the scale! Let's just hope my husband and 3 year old son can handle it!! HAHA!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drum Roll...

The almighty scale God loved me this morning...135lbs!!!  Now, I'm officially "in" the final stretch with the last 10lbs left :)  I am going to try and have Ray take some pics of what the "last 10lbs" actually looks like. 

This morning, Ray and I hit the lake trail.  I really focused on pace.  Ray did try to "rush" me once, but I quickly told him to shut up and let me run ;-)  The new songs I downloaded on my Ipod really helped keep me going strong.  I RAN THE ENTIRE LAKE AND 1/2!!! When we got to the "end", I was like time check.  He told me no, and I told him hey I wanna keep running so give me the time (wanted to make sure we'd have enough time to shower & pick up JP). He happily reported that it was only 1015am which meant we ran the 2.6 miles (1 time around) in about 26 minutes!! I think he was a little surprised that I was able to keep going.  All I said was I'll go till I can't run anymore.  Once again, he tried to "rush" me.  I said hey I know the hills are coming so it'll tire me out soon enough.  I made it to the other 1/2 of the lake which totaled the run at 3.3ish miles (walked the last 1/2 to finish) --FARTHEST YET!!! It really set in that I can RUN the WHOLE race.  That's why it was so important for me to run with him but resist the urge to chase him.  I just need to keep control of my pace, and then I CAN DO IT!!

Ran - 3.3 miles
Walk - 1.9 miles
Pedometer - 14417 steps

1. coffee w/splenda & fat free half and half
2. 1/2 bottle of low cal gatorade
3. Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich w/lettuce & tomato
4. fiber one bar
5. 1 slice of cheese pizza and handful of broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes & carrots w/ranch dip
6. fiber one bar

(last night I had a cup of hot cocoa after I wrote my post**)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney, her pooch & saddle bags

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