This is my crazy journey to get back in shape and lose the last 11lbs. After being a gestational surrogate & enduring 88 days of bed rest (55 days spent on hospital bed rest at Johns Hopkins), I delivered S & B's healthy "twinkies" on August 6th 2011. Now, it's time to get down to business. Follow me, gripe/moan/whine on my exercise & diet routine to get back down to 125lbs (pre-pregnancy weight). It's definitely going to be a wild ride on the scale! Let's just hope my husband and 3 year old son can handle it!! HAHA!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Alright alright here's the past couple days... (fyi I definitely have a cold now -- boo!)

11/3 : Ray and I ran the lake once (2.6 miles).  I was really "hurting" that day.  I'm very thankful that we didn't have any extra time to run farther.  I always wear an ankle brace on my right foot, well since that day, I now where a brace on my left foot too.  Ray said because of all the hills, my ankles could be acting up since I just run flat on the treadmill. Eh, what am I gonna do? Ex-skater injuries will always be a part of my life -- at least the new brace is working great!  I know ex-dancers and gymnasts can also have the same issues.  Also, my left knee was hurting a bit too.  I'm not exactly sure what my pedometer was, but I remember it was over 14k! 

11/4:  The cold came back - just really awful head congestion.  We just ran around all day doing errands.  My calves were pretty sore, and my ankle wasn't very happy either.  I just focused on my steps -- over 12k!  I didn't really eat much -- a cup of coffee & homemade beef stew for dinner (all day).  That's when you know I'm appetite! 

11/5:  I really felt like crap yesterday.  The congestion was crazy.  Walking around in a fog isn't fun :(  We just ran some more errands.  Despite drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast & a grande gingerbread latte, it still felt like I was going to fall asleep at any moment.  My pedometer was only 7k -- not surprised. I was in bed at 730pm.  blah!

Whitney, her pooch & saddlebags

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