This is my crazy journey to get back in shape and lose the last 11lbs. After being a gestational surrogate & enduring 88 days of bed rest (55 days spent on hospital bed rest at Johns Hopkins), I delivered S & B's healthy "twinkies" on August 6th 2011. Now, it's time to get down to business. Follow me, gripe/moan/whine on my exercise & diet routine to get back down to 125lbs (pre-pregnancy weight). It's definitely going to be a wild ride on the scale! Let's just hope my husband and 3 year old son can handle it!! HAHA!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I guess you'd call it a "free pass"

I suppose you could also call it my "get out of jail free" card.  No working out for me today...not because I'm slacking.

This morning we had our family Christmas picture taken.  Ray wore his dress blues uniform -- pardon my drool!  He was looking quite studly.  For some reason, JP just didn't want to smile right. Literally, that was his "best" face.  Uhhh 3 year olds! I did get a sweet deal from Picture People - free 8x10 :)  Now, I just have to pic a card from

Before we headed to the mall, we went down the commissary to pick up my friend's baby shower cake.  It turned out SO cute!! They're waiting to find out the sex, so it's this cute gender neutral stork design.  Us moms are heading out for Mexican for her "shower", while the dads & kids hang out here.  I can NOT wait til 6pm!  It can't come fast enough.  I would love to have a drink or 2, but I just don't like tequila.  I'll hafta see if they have any other options besides margaritas.  Otherwise, I'll just "save" my drinks for Thanksgiving (I have a bottle of Moscato in the pantry just waiting for me)!

Time to help Ray get things ready for the guys night - haha!

Pedometer (at 5:08pm) - 3705 steps

1. cup of coffee w/splenda and fat free half & half (LOVE THE NEW PIKE PLACE ROAST K-CUP)
2. Soup & Salad w/ 2 breadsticks @ Olive Garden
3. 1 pineapple margarita (realized yup I still don't like tequila)
4. 1/2 chicken chimichanga w/guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream (eating the other 1/2 for dinner tomorrow)
5. slice of Becky's baby shower marble cake - delish!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney, her pooch and her saddlebags

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