This is my crazy journey to get back in shape and lose the last 11lbs. After being a gestational surrogate & enduring 88 days of bed rest (55 days spent on hospital bed rest at Johns Hopkins), I delivered S & B's healthy "twinkies" on August 6th 2011. Now, it's time to get down to business. Follow me, gripe/moan/whine on my exercise & diet routine to get back down to 125lbs (pre-pregnancy weight). It's definitely going to be a wild ride on the scale! Let's just hope my husband and 3 year old son can handle it!! HAHA!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seriously - just ADMIT IT!

You can say I "saw" the light today.  I am so sick of people lying to themselves about their weight and what their BMI definition is.  After only having 3 responses to my facebook status of basically who has the guts to post what their BMI is and define it, I am ready to take my own challenge.  Of course I posted what I am...24.7 : healthy (5'2).  Hopefully tomorrow when I step on the scale, I will lower that number even more (of course I will post).  I'm sure most people actually clicked my calculator link and were not able to come to terms with what it said -- denial.  They have those standards for a reason.  It would be devastating to see that you're overweight, obese etc.  Why just live in denial when you can CHOOSE to do something about it!  Why keep making excuses?  That just boggles my mind. Especially if you have kids, what are you telling them?  Look at me...I'm a stay at home mom not some personal trainer (like that trainer who put on all that weight & is starting to shed it).  I'm average, and I'M DOING SOMETHING!    As I mentioned above, I'm ready to start my own challenge.  I'm currently in the process of making shirts that I will wear whenever I'm working out (aka everyday pretty much).  It will say what my current weight is and BMI. It's time to take action and OWN UP!

here's my last 10lbs (well hopefully 9lbs left as of tomorrow morning**)

the booty*  (I don't know what the heck I got on my pants?)

can almost see my hip bones again*

the pooch at it's finest*

Ran 2 miles at 5.0 mph + 1/2 mile at 6.0 mph
Arms day minus bicep track (didn't like the 76 release)
Pedometer - 9970 steps

1. cup of coffee w/splenda and fat free half & half
2. 1/2 bottle of low cal gatorade
3. turkey/ham club sandwich w/light mayo, 1 slice muenster cheese, tomato & lettuce
4. 1 pork chop w/lite alfredo sauce, green beans & red pepper (left overs)
5. cup of hot cocoa (w/water) & handful of mini marshmallows

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney, her pooch & saddlebags

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